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North River Community Church

Where People Make the Church


“North River is a unique community of warm hearted believers - a little slice of heaven right here in Georgia. The people are friendly, the environment is welcoming, the worship is genuine, the messages are inspiring, and there is a true sense of community.”

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“North River is a unique community of warm hearted believers - a little slice of heaven right here in Georgia. The people are friendly, the environment is welcoming, the worship is genuine, the messages are inspiring, and there is a true sense of community.”


Gary Eaton
Entertainment Marketing Executive


“I started attending North River at the beginning of 2004. The very first visit was very much different from what I was used to…especially the pastor. He teaches the word the way God wants him to; sometimes it’s like you want more and you end up asking "is it over already?" I was searching for sisters and brothers in Christ who made you feel the spirit and love that they have for the Lord. I found that at North River!”


Shirley J. Stokes
Underwriting Assistant


“We have been attending North River for close to 10 years and are still visiting even though we now live in Huntsville, AL. (attended NRCC until our move to AL, 4 yrs ago). North River is still our "Family" and we love every member of NRCC (most of all wonderful Jim, our Pastor). If you've not visited North River, you are missing out on the most wonderful service, fellowship and spiritual uplifting you'll ever receive in a Sunday Service.”


Donna, Kent, Alyson & Kayla Thompson
Huntsville, Alabama


“I love the atmosphere at NRCC because it is friendly and inviting but not overwhelming. The fact that I can wear flip flops or heels and feel comfortable is great. My children love to attend this church.”


Trish Lard



“North River is an unusual non-denominational, community church…more of a family than a congregation. We are all here for the same purpose, to receive the word of God..

Our pastor has the unique ability to give us teachings straight from the word of God and to eliminate any theological blind spots. He is a personal friend to all who come in contact with him

We are open to God’s direction and earnestly desire to receive the Holy Spirit in our worship. I love the commitment to prayer, I love the music, and I love my church family and the way we live up to our mission…to help the hurting through Jesus Chris to the glory of God!”


James L. Steadman
Director of Utilities
City of Lawrenceville


“I find that North River is an open house, with open arms and a welcoming environment supported by a great congregation. To me, North River is a peaceful environment where one can worship in the house of the Lord without labels and judgments. By the way, the preacher, Jim Street is phenomenal! Good people, great messages, and a wonderful place of worship.”


Tina Smalls


“I am the keyboard player with the worship band at North River Church. I've been with North River about 15 years. I consider myself one of the originals. When I think back over those years, I get a very positive feeling about my relationship with North River, and a somewhat selfish feeling that North River has done much more for me than I have for North River . The people here are so friendly and caring and so ready to help someone in need. Over the years, raising my family, I've had so much help and a great place to worship, where I feel very comfortable. North River has helped me and my family feel a closeness to God, bring Jesus into our hearts and know Him and follow His wonderful Word.”


Ned Cullen
Professional Musician


“Having been a member of North River for the last 16 years I can truly say this is my earthly home. A retreat, a place where I am loved and accepted warts and all, a place that has taught me to love and accept All. A church should be a family a place of loyalty, security and Love. Our relaxed atmosphere and down to earth membership creates a place where I let my hair down and open my heart to sound biblical teaching. Our Praise Team is humble real and surprisingly talented. Our Pastor on Bass is a treat to behold but the messages are always just what I need to hear.”


Jaynie Dominguez


"What’s great about North River? The food??? Seriously, the desire to be in Christ and not focus on the building or other superfluous functions. Also, our ongoing desire to bring hope to the hurting. These are the important things. Did I mention the food? One other thing is the friendliness. No one is a stranger for very long.”


Joe Halper


“When I first moved to Gwinnett I visited many churches I found on the internet or after being invited by a co-worker. One day I was passing by North River, saw the sign and decided to attend the following Sunday. A member asked how I found them, I told her and she said that they had been praying that people would see the sign from the road and attend.

What I have found at North River is a group of people who love God, and really care about every person that walks through the doors. Also, I found a church that lives up to their mission statement through the ministries that have been established.”


Clovia Jackson
Gwinnett Teacher


“Having been a part of various denominations we have finely found a home at North River. North River reflects the way a Christian church should be with a diverse membership, fellowship, teaching, caring and a pastor who teaches the word in a way that makes it easy to relate and understand.”


Cynthia & Karyl Jackson


"The church secretary met me at the door my first visit with a hug (after calling for directions). This sweet welcoming spirit has persisted with every gathering together. I love the intimate, caring mode so evidenced there. The frequent Agape Brunches are great, fun fellowship occasions".


Bernice Wosk

Retired Registered Nurse and natural health enthusiast



“When I need a shoulder to cry on, I find many at North River. When I need to rejoice, I can sing and dance at North River. When I feel lonely, I find fellowship at North River. When I want to pray or need prayer, Yup, North River. Sometimes I just feel like eatin' fried chicken and nanner pudding. Wanna guess where I find that????????????”


Steven S. Finley
Facilities Manager
Norcross, GA.


“North River has always been a warm welcoming Church. These guys are all such a wonderful support group. When the going gets tough, they're always there to lift you up. If you need prayer, we know how to pray and we pray often. It's not about the ‘building’ it's about the body of Christ and reaching out to others.


Shay Cripps
Mother of 4


“I’ve attended church most of my life. North River is the first church I’ve found where everyone is really welcome “just as they are”. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on top of the world or if your life has been put in a blender. There is no pretentiousness about Jim Street or his messages. They are about real life things, so they’re easy to understand, and (usually) interesting.”


Robbie Haverstick


“The people who came from other places to be trained at the seminar you sponsored were very appreciative of the welcoming attitude. One attendee wrote that the church "certainly has the gift of hospitality". Having taught at hundreds of churches through the years, I would totally agree. I have only been to a few churches that practice the "kindness to strangers" that Biblical hospitality really is. NR is one of those places.


One of my favorite parts of Look of the Leader seminar is when we look at God's words to Samuel. "For the Lord does not see as man sees. For man looks at the outward appearance but I look at the heart." I believe the ministry you have at NR is one that God looks at and is very pleased. NR may not have "the look" of a successful mega-church but it does have the look of what God is seeking: faithfulness to Christ. I believe it is our only measure of success.”


David Hodge
Seminar Leader